Friday, October 26, 2012

My Top Ten Favorite Bullriding Moments

10. Watching Flint Rasmussen throw a rope at a bull and have the loop catch. 

9. Sitting with all the Brazilian wives at the Albuquerque event and learning to curse in Portguese

8. Lake Wise County. *grins* We were at JW Hart's event in Decatur during the worst storm east Texas had ever seen. The bullfighters were in water up to their waists.

7. When Chris Shivers bucked off into the chutes and Mike White jumped in to cover him. 

6. My first real Greg Potter hug. *sparkles*

5. Shorty Gorham looking at my "Here for the Bullfighters" t-shirt, then looking at Flint and saying, "Note it doesn't say here for the clown."

4. Guilherme Marchi winning his championship in 2008.

3. Having Adriano Moraes admire my tattoos and tell me that inked women were hot. 

2. Justin McBride hanging off the side of Camo during the 2005 PBR World Finals.

1. Watching Rob Smets fight bulls. Ever.

Bonus: Asking the pick-up man, James Debord for his autograph and having him beam at me.

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